21 Day Spiritual Soul Cleanse


PLEASE SCHEDULE 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE! This 21 day Remote Spiritual Soul Cleanse Session helps to balance and realign your life. The 21 Day Cleanse consists of THREE 60 minute calls, THREE 30 minute calls to discuss the energy healing. Two Calls Per week. 1 answered email per day, homework will be given during the 21 day journey so the client can work on soul development, you will also receive daily recorded meditations pertaining to the healing lessons and Past Life Issues. Jaime also provides Three 30 minute Reiki Sessions (one time per week) and Three 30 minute Chakra Balancing Sessions. You will also receive a deck of Tarot or Angel cards that you can choose from before the course begins. Please note that the class will begin 7 days after you schedule it in order to mail you the materials. This session is normally double in price!

After the initial 1 hour appointment, other future appointments will be scheduled. The 21 day Remote Spiritual Soul Cleanse Session helps to balance and realign your soul, chakras, your energy field and helps resolve Past Life Issues. Jaime looks into your current concerns in detail and is able to tell you what is coming your way and how to work on it. Topics include: What is your soul purpose? What challenges are you facing? Why are you here? Who is helping you? What did you come to learn and master this life ? How can you better work with Spirit? Who is on the Other Side helping you? Why you are here? Who you are in Spirit? What are your strengths and challenges? The goal is after 21 days you feel a sense of purpose and all over rejuvenation! Start your journey today!