Kevin D.

"I had my first ever psychic reading with Jaime two weeks ago. She was very specific in her predictions regarding a new job that I got. She even described the company and the job title and description. She even gave me the first name of the man that is now my boss! I also had an opportunity to take a trip to Vegas this past weekend and Jaime told me not to go. She stated that she felt danger around this. I decided not to go. I am not certain if she saw the terrible event that was to happen Sunday but I am glad that I did not go. She also told me that I would hear from my ex girlfriend that I have not talked to in 10 years. She just called me yesterday! We are going to get together soon. Jaime also brought through my brother that passed away in a car accident. She told me specifics about how he passed and she even gave me messages for my mother from him. It was amazing how accurate she was. If you need clarity call Jaime! I highly recommend her and will be calling again!"

Jaime Fitzpatrick