Angie O.

"I have been talking with Jaime for a year now and she is my favorite advisor. Growing up I was always skeptical of Psychics. I hit a point in my life where I needed some advice. I found Jaime and she completely knocked my socks off! She is very honest and to the point. She really tells it like it is. My husband travels a lot for work and she brought to my attention that he was seeing someone else and described the woman to a T! Once she told me this information, I did find some evidence. She also told me that he gave his mistress a specific style necklace as a gift. A month later everything came out in the open and he finally admitted the affair. I found a picture of the lady she described when I snooped on his cell phone. This woman was wearing the exact necklace that Jaime described! She told me of a move before the break up of my husband and described the place exactly as it was! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would move. Jaime described the outside of the condo and the style and location of the new condo I bought. She described specific landmarks too! Jaime has been very helpful to me and is always very accurate. I will be honest, some of the things that she predicted, I found it hard to believe at first. I was astonished when the predictions came true! Jaime is a true gem and really cares about her clients and her prices are reasonable. I highly recommend her and I am a true believer.

Jaime Fitzpatrick