Jill A.

I have been reading with Jaime for a few years now. She is very detailed in her readings and I feel very comfortable with her. She has also been very accurate in her predictions and this is the reason that I have stuck with her for so long. Recently, Jaime predicted a milestone in my daughter’s life. Me and my daughter had both been very discouraged because my daughter applied to a difficult college program at several different Universities. Like many of us in this digital age, we want it and we want it now! Jaime reassured me and told me that my daughter would get accepted. Well..she did get accepted as Jaime predicted!! Jaime also predicted that my daughter would get accepted for January term and she also predicted the name and the school colors of where my daughter will be starting the program! ALL of the information was TRUE! I highly recommend Jaime! This was not an easy prediction and it was very difficult to wait. Try to be patient with the predictions. I was in utter shock when my daughter opened the acceptance letter with the exact information that Jaime gave me! I am simply and utterly amazed at what a talented woman Jaime is! I highly recommend her!!!

Jaime Fitzpatrick