Blind Readings Part 6

Blind Reading feedback from Click 4 Advisor Instant Readings I do not have access to their name or phone number during an Instant reading.

“ Kind and compassionate, Jamie also provides accurate and detailed insight to people and situations.”

“I have been calling Jaime for a long time on instant readings. She kept bringing up my car. I was not sure why since there were no issues with it. Low and behold my car was stolen! Thank you Jaime. I should have listened to her! I highly recommend!”

“My boyfriend died suddenly and I called Jaime on Instant. She knew NOTHING about my situation. I asked her about my boyfriend and she described the horrible and tragic way that he passed through remote viewing. There is no way in the world she could have know this information. It was eerie but accurate. If you need closure and clarity call Jaime!!”

Jaime Fitzpatrick