Blind Readings Part 2

Blind Reading feedback from Click 4 Advisor Instant Readings I do not have access to their name or phone number during an Instant reading.

“Jaime, you are incredible! Your exact prediction was correct regarding the new gig, the pay, the contract and even my start date! I'm blown away! Regarding the person in question, every detail you mentioned about him was to the point and stunningly accurate. I'm so amazed, thank you so much, again!”

“Right and right again, as usual--Jaime completely nails it. Several things she told me regarding my job came to pass and a few more things she mentioned also came to pass--one of which being that she picked up on someone moving. Ran into my neighbor Tuesday and she told me they were moving. Wow.”

“Jaime thank you so much for the reading! Things you've said in the past have come to fruition! I always really enjoy talking with you!”

Jaime Fitzpatrick