Blind Readings Part 3

Blind Reading feedback from Click 4 Advisor Instant Readings I do not have access to their name or phone number during an Instant reading.

“Loved talking to her! She knew random facts about me and my family without prompting from me - very impressive. She was warm, friendly, and kind! I will definitely call again.”

“Jaime was very good and validated a lot of things for me. I'm excited for her predictions!”

“Extremely accurate and wonderful.”

“I am a fellow Medium and I contacted Jaime to get insight on a close relative’s death. She instantly connected with the two people that I wanted to connect with. She knew and described how the person passed. She also got names and knew about very specific things that happened in my life that no one would know. It was very uncanny considering that Jaime cannot see my name or phone number. She has no idea who I am or where I’m calling from. She is the real deal and as a fellow psychic/medium I highly recommend her.”

Jaime Fitzpatrick