I really enjoyed my reading with Jaime recently. She was very accurate and she really connected with my energy. I had a dilemma and she accurately predicted the outcome. She also made a few predictions too that already came true. I was hoping to connect with someone from the other side. She did not come in at first but a few other people did that I was happy to connect with! When I told her I was disappointed a certain person did not come through, she immediately told me that someone was here and specifically told me what they person passed from. It was not an easy passing and the person passed from a complicated matter that she could not have known about. She also knew specific details about this person she would have no way of knowing. Sometimes you just have to be patient and your loved ones will come through! I was very happy with my reading. Jaime does have a true gift! She is professional, accurate and compassionate! I will see her again and will recommend her!

Jaime Fitzpatrick