Donna B.

I've been reading with Jaime for about 2+ years and she has provided me with awesome insight and guidance. I love her approach in delivering and relaying messages she receives from spirit (she never sugar coats!). She's sweet in her delivery on letting you know when to be cautious, when something will not go well and letting you know about someones true intentions towards you. She's picked up correctly on several occasions about a job situation that came up to be true! I was also quite surprised when she picked up on the fact that my condo was being haunted by an old ghost lady (it helped shred the mystery behind the weird stuff that was going on at the time!). Overall, she's great in letting you know about all sorts of things going on with your life and if you might have a spook hanging about in your dwellings (if your curious to know!) I highly recommend her! 

Jaime Fitzpatrick