I recently spoke with Jaime about a fender bender I had. I wanted to know the outcome if the person I backed up into with my car was going to take out it as far as the insurance company or she was going to demand money from me. I spoke to five other psychics and all of them were wrong except Jaime. Everyone else told me that she was the type that was going to want to get it fixed and that I would have to pay. Jaime was the only that got it right. Jaime told me that the woman was just a little irritated and just wanted to move on from it. Two days later this lady called me back and told me the bumper was fine and wasn't going to do anything. Last year Jaime kept telling me I was going to get a job at a new hospital that would be better for me. She even told me that if was located right in front of shipping facility that she described to a tee. The hospital I now work at is literally right across the street from a central shipping facility. Jaime has been very accurate even regarding a court date for my ex. She told me that there would be another court date in June. I checked the court website and did not see anything. From the way things were going and the past court dates I thought it was wrapped up. I checked one more time and there was a court date that appeared in June when she said it would. Just be patient with the predictions and know that things in the universe take time. I believe in Jaime and has proven to be correct time and time again. I highly recommend Jaime if you ever need a reading!

Jaime Fitzpatrick