Jaime Predicts the Presidential Election!

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a psychic vision & has nothing to do with any personally opinions I may or may not have.

I tried to stay of out Politics and I am for a leader who will support the American people.  I am not saying who I voted for only who I saw in my visions winning. This election was so divided! I tried to stay neutral and positive about it. I did have one client ask me who will win the Presidential Election back in August 2016. In every vision I had since November 2015, I saw Trump winning. I never felt anything from Hillary's VP pick...I never saw him at all. Regardless of who won, I pray for peace and union in this country and for all of us to stay together, be strong. LET'S MAKE AMERICA KIND AGAIN! 

I wanted to show you an email from a client and I blocked out her name and info regarding my visions of who will win the Presidential Election. I also spoke with this client last night at 6:00 PM PST and I told her that I saw Melania Trump wearing a white gown. Interestingly enough, when Trump made the speech at his campaign Headquarters at around 12:30 AM PST after he won and Hillary conceded...Melania came on stage wearing a white gown/dress. No matter who won lets stay united and God Bless America!

See a picture the top of the page of an email on November 5, 2016 of me predicting Trumps win.

Jaime Fitzpatrick