Seeing the San Bernardino Tragedy


t was a clear sunny day on December 2, 2015 in Southern California. Jaime was visiting a local college about 40 miles from San Bernardino, CA. Off the major highway where a terrible tragedy was about to happen in San Bernardino. As Jaime was getting ready to leave the campus, she happened to say hi to a nice Riverside County Sheriff. He was very friendly and we were talking about the campus. I told him that I was not originally from California and that I am originally a “Midwest Girl.” Upon waking up that morning I had some “odd feelings” that I could not shake. We all just came off from the shock of the “Paris Tragedies” so I thought maybe that contributed to the way I was feeling. I asked the sheriff if we were safe out here in California from Terrorists. He assured me that we were. I did not want to tell him that I felt something could happen because many people do not believe in Psychics and I did not want him to think I was crazy.  We talked for about 10-15 minutes and he kept assuring me that we were all safe here and the police and sheriffs would protect us. I just could not shake this feeling. He did calm me down. We shook hands & I went on my way and he went on his way. Very nice man! Then 15 minutes later as I drove onto the highway towards home, I saw a bunch of black SUV police cars on the side of the road. I wondered what was going on… I generally did not see things like that. I got a text from a friend when I got home that there was a massive shooting at a Center in San Bernardino. My heart sunk! I turned on the TV watching the events unfold. How horrible! A year after the tragedy, I wish the victims and their family love and peace. This is such a terrible event and these things keep happening unfortunately. My wish is that in the New Year, we come together as a nation and that we can have peace from these awful events. My heart is with all of the victims from this and any other terrorist event, from 9-11 to the recent Ohio State University attack. My prayers and peace are with you.

Blessings, Jaime

Jaime Fitzpatrick