2016 The Year of Completion


I should have wrote this at the beginning of the year but brushed it off, mostly in denial. 2016 is the Year of Completion. I do not remember a year with so many celebrity deaths. I predicted that after Carried Fisher died that 2 more famous people would die. Her mother Debbie Reynolds just passed. It was not coincidence. This year is very evident that things happen for a reason and that there is an after life. Carrie and Debbie have a soul connection and cannot be apart. So one more famous person will pass before 2017 rings in. I lost 2 people close to me that were dear to me and a family pet! I almost lost a close person in an accident and by a miracle he survived. 2016 rounds up to a 9 Universal Year in numerology, so there will be a collective focus on completions, endings, and regeneration. This will be a year of raised spiritual awareness and breakthroughs on many levels. At times it will bring people inward and make them more reflective than they may be accustomed to if they are not introverted by nature.2016 brings deaths, breakups, business collapses, and betrayals, particularly during the last three months. We have a few days left. If you make it...it means that you still have work left to do. Since 2016 rounds off to 9 in numerology, it relates to the Hermit card of the Major Arcana/Tarot. This is the card of wisdom, discernment, completion of unfinished business and going quietly within. It is a card suggesting both silence and determination as methods for advancement. At times the best mode of operation will be to retreat from everything external and to find resonance with inner truth. Lets try to get through 2016 and better things will come in 2017.......


2016 claimed it's last celebrity....William Christopher, the actor best known as Father Mulcahy on the classic sitcom M.A.S.H., died 12/31/16 following a battle with lung cancer. He was 84, and died in his Pasadena, CA home. 

Jaime Fitzpatrick