Well here I go again…..I see the crystal visions……….." By: S. Nicks

Last Monday night was the season finale of ABC’s show The Bachelorette. JoJo Fletcher was this year’s Bachelorette. She is cute, lovable and sassy. Being Psychic I can often use my abilities to see who will come out on top on this dramatic reality show. Since I am Clairvoyant, I receive my information visually. Although sometimes what you “see’ or “predict” is not always what you want to have happen. But isn’t that often true to everyday life? It’s really no different than watching a show like the Bachelorette.  Last night JoJo had to choose between two men, Robby and Jordan. I really wanted her to pick Robby. Robby was very open with JoJo, romantic, emotional and lovable. He really wooed her family too. Robby was very genuine and has blue eyes that match the sea. One look into those baby blues and your heart simply melts! Despite the gushing about Robby, he was not my first pick. I actually liked Jordan better! But in the past few weeks I grew to like Robby more, especially after his hometown date with JoJo. As a psychic, I could pick up that Robby’s energy & intent were very genuine. My psychic ability picked up that Jordan did/does not like JoJo as much as Robby did. Unfortunately, JoJo does have a history of picking guys that are not the greatest for her. Sometimes we want what is more challenging to have in life. As a Psychic, I can pick up that Robby’s chakra’s are very open whereas Jordan’s are closed or barely open at all! Robby’s heart chakra was really opened to the fullest. As a Psychic, I picked up that Jordan holds a lot back. He is not open energetically and does not express himself very well emotionally. The Heart Chakra has to do with love and compassion and is located in the center of the chest. The heart chakra is strongly associated with our deep emotional bonds with others. I believe this is the reason Robby was able to be more open with JoJo.

When JoJo went to Robby’s hometown in Florida, I saw him open up. JoJo and Robby’s mother had a connection too & his mom was a sweetheart! I swear I could see these two have a girl’s day out filled with shopping, lunch and then more shopping! After Robby’s hometown, you could see JoJo & Robby’s chemistry. JoJo truly seemed to fall for him and he was gaga for her! As I watched Robby open up, I did not see much of an effort on Jordan’s part. He remained reserved up until the very end. I did see that Robby was just crazy for JoJo. As a psychic, I could see their connection and an intense energy between Robby and JoJo. Jordan just did not seem to have a genuine connection with JoJo as Robby did. We all know that most of these contestants come on the show for fame and notoriety, and I really saw this with Jordan, not so much with Robby. When the final two contestants met JoJo’s family on the season finale, Robby took the time to speak with both JoJo’s father and mother privately and asked both of them for JoJo’s hand in marriage. As a Psychic, I see that Robby has more regard for people’s feelings and he is a giver. Jordan is more Narcissistic. Jordan, however did not ask JoJo’s parents for her hand in marriage. As a last ditch attempt, he called her father and mother a few hours before the proposal asking for her hand in marriage. Can anyone say “TACKY”???!!! Or at least, “Last Minute Louie”??!!! From an energetic standpoint, JoJo should have picked Robby. Psychically, I can pick up that having a relationship with Robby is much easier than it is with Jordan.

Regardless of what chemistry I picked up, I clairvoyantly was shown that the answer to this love triangle will come through the distinct shape of the ring. Neil Lane comes in on every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Neil has the contestants pick a ring for when they propose to The Bachelorette or The Bachelor. Spirit showed me a oval/circle shaped ring. Robby was the first one to meet with Neil Lane. Robby picked a square diamond surrounded by a row of diamonds for JoJo. Then Jordan met with Neil Lane. He picked the EXACT ring that I saw in my vison! I should have turned off that TV at that instant, knowing who the winner would be! It ended up that JoJo did pick Jordan. I was right! I do not see them lasting though. They are both in it for Fortune & Fame. With the Mercury in Retrograde coming on August 30, they will go through some tough times. It does not help either that JoJo, being a Sagittarius, her love house is virtually nonexistent this year. The good news is, is that her career is strong. This was a good career move for her. She will have a successful future without Jordan. Her career is just beginning and she on to bigger and better things. I also do not see Jordan and his brother, Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rogers resolving their differences anytime soon or even in this lifetime. Jojo has star power in her future, leaving Jordan in the dust.  Although their love will not last, I do predict that she will keep the ring and the fame! LOL

Jaime Fitzpatrick