Surviving the Holidays

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Surviving the holidays this year may be hard especially since Mercury is in Retrograde in Sagittarius (December 2-December 22, 2017).  The shadow period of the Retrograde is November 15th 2017 - January 10th 2018. This means that there will be residual effects of the Retrograde during this time.

In 2017, Mercury retrogrades four times which begins a new nine-year cycle. During the next nine years expect to grow in a different direction, expect things to turn around and change. New people and circumstances will enter our realm in the next nine years bringing us new adventures and opportunities.

In astrology, Mercury rules communication, technology & travel and therefore all of these areas are problematic during this time. The current Retrograde is occurring in the sign of Sagittarius. The astrological sign Sagittarius rules expansion, exploration, travel and new experiences, and therefore the retrograde can affect all of that. Beware of travel delays, communication issues, difficulty beginning something new and technology issues. Also, legal issues could come up or get delayed since Sagittarius rules the law.

The holidays are especially hard due such things as the loss of a loved one, financial pressures and stress to get things done. It’s very overwhelming this time of the year to get things done such as baking, putting up holiday decorations, having guests over from out of town, throwing parties, shopping, the crowded stores and malls and busy traffic. Luckily, there are several ways to overcome this. Meditation is one of them. There is a great new app called “Relax Meditation” It contains a myriad of different meditations from basic breathing techniques to learning to love yourself, love relationship meditations, chakra cleansing, third eye opening meditations, insomnia meditations, self esteem meditations, boosting your creativity meditations, various success/career meditation programs and life coaching meditations. If you do not feel like listening to meditations, you can simply listen to various sounds such as rain, wind-chimes, birds, ocean waves, a crackling fire, flute, crickets, thunderstorm, grandfather clock, rustling leaves, seagulls and whales just to name a few! There are over 100 different sounds to choose from. There are also different isochronic tones and frequencies that you can choose from too that can help with your sleep cycle and your dream cycle. The nice thing too about the app is that it does have a sleep timer which is convenient.

Essential Oils are also great to get you through the holiday season. I make some great essential oils sprays that can act as a body and room spray. Please go to my store to purchase: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!

I recommend the following oils to relieve stress and anxiety:

- Lavender: aids in relaxation and sleep improvement
- Bergamot: soothes and relaxes for stress relief
- Rose: stimulates mental ability and increases overall wellness
- Chamomile: enhances mental clarity and reduces stress emotions
- Jasmine: promotes calm and relaxation
- Ylang Ylang: helps manage anger and other negative emotions
- Frankincense: improves oxygenation of the blood and reduces anxiety

A combination of meditation and essential oils can be very beneficial too! Please try to enjoy the holidays and take care of yourself. Happy Holidays!!

Jaime Fitzpatrick