Psychic Readings and Your Role


As Psychics, we predict and get messages regarding future events. When you ask advice from a psychic they tell you what they see. You must remember that you need to do your part too. This allows you to develop and grow. If there are roadblocks in your path do what you can to remove them or go around them. Also, remember that things shift & change all the time…  If the one you love is with someone else now…it does not mean that it won’t shift and change and that you two will be together in time. It really is all about timing too. There is no time in the spirit world. Sometimes spirit gives me timing about certain situations and sometimes they do not. This is when I bring in astrology to see a timeframe for the questions at hand.  A positive attitude helps too during a reading. A self-defeating attitude only brings in more negativity!

Another thing I get from clients is that they call multiple psychics for the same question. Us psychics know that. Doing this has its pros and cons. The pros: you may receive different messages and more pieces to the puzzle. Which is great because it gives you more messages about your question at hand. The cons: you are mixing up all sorts of energy. Also, calling several psychics at the exact same time may confuse all of the energies involved. Some clients only talk to the psychics that tell them what they want to hear, too. You have to remember, this is not a competition in regards to who is the best psychic. Some readers may receive messages from their guides that other psychic do not receive. It does not mean that one psychic is better than another psychic. It’s all about fit too. Often, certain energy mesh well together. Sometimes you may have a connection with one psychic and not much of a connection with another psychic. Also, open yourself up energetically during a reading. I have tried to read closed people and non-believers to see if I am “the real deal” and it’s difficult! Why? Because the person is closed up and may not have the best intentions or simply may not believe in Psychics!  That is not fair for the reader.

Another recommendation: Do your part in the reading. A magical fairy godmother will not come to your door and deliver a man/woman/mate or a job to your door. You have to apply for the jobs. You need to put yourself out there! Think positive and open yourself up. Negativity and a self-defeating attitude only makes things worse. I meditate and clear myself before a reading. I have spirit bring in messages for my upcoming client (s). I recommend that you do the same. If you can, take 5 or 10 minutes or even 30 minutes before the reading to clear yourself and meditate. Clear yourself from others energy and open your chakras. Allow yourself to be open and receive messages from the spirit world. Following these tips will allow you to get the most from your readings!

Jaime Fitzpatrick