New Moon in Cancer July 23-24th 2017


The Super New Moon in Cancer is from June 23 to 24th 2017. The Super new moon comes just after the Summer Solstice which occurred on June 20/21 2017. The Summer Solstice comes in when the Sun goes into the sign of Cancer. The summer solstice brings fertility and self-expression. It also brings an opportunity to celebrate the gifts that we have to offer the Universe. The summer solstice and the Super New Moon bring a major movement to the planet Mercury. The planet Mercury is moving fast now and it is at it’s farthest point from the Earth. With Mercury in Cancer for the next few weeks, it is helpful to know that communication will be based on gut feelings and less on the spoken word.

The New Moon in the astrological sign of Cancer doubles the “Cancer” energy and brings in new beginnings for home and family. There will be a special focus on safety and security. The New Moon represents the beginning of our 29 day lunar month. During a New Moon, the moon is roughly sitting between the Earth & the Sun

The Moon represents our hidden emotions, desires, our fears/worries and our dreams.  It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs and forces us to break from the past. The Moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our essence.

During a New Moon, the side of the moon that remains invisible to us here on Earth is being illuminated by the Sun.  Therefore, our inner feelings, emotions and desires are illuminated during a new moon. In the illumination period, we are given a window of opportunity for a fresh start, to let go of the energy of the previous cycle and set our intentions, dreams & inner-most desires into conscious action.

The New Moon is a great time write down goals or begin new projects. This is a sociable moon phase ideal for making partnerships and for starting new business ventures. If you’re in the market to buy a home or a business, the next two weeks are prime times to do that.

Some heavy love vibes can be present for us on Saturday June 24, 2017, when Venus makes a trine into dark and sensual Pluto for the first time this year. Enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. We may experience a deepening in our relationships, whether in our love life or with our friendships. Love can be passionate and transforming during this time.

Things to consider during this New Moon:

Action steps for this new moon: 

  1. Strengthen your relationship with your emotional body. Tune into yourself and take care of your body. You can do this through meditation, yoga, personal creative endeavors, massages, long baths and long walks. Allow yourself to open up to yourself and those around you.
  2. Express yourself through writing. A great time to write and express to people what we have been holding onto in our hearts. Write a love letter, or a gratitude letter to someone or to those you have unfinished business with. It is also a good time to write down feelings in a journal.
  3. Make changes to your home in a way positive way. This is a great time to re-do things in your home or to add something new. Let the positive Chi flow through your house. Move furniture around if you feel inclined to do so!
  4. This is a great time to focus on your family. Revisit old issues and seek understanding. Forgive and make peace with others. The sensitive new moon gives us the abilities to be more honest with ourselves and others by recovering true emotions that we may have buried.

Remember this New moon is a time for New Beginnings and Fresh starts.

Jaime Fitzpatrick