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PLEASE NOTE: This prediction regarding OJ Simpson are visions that I have psychically. In no way does this state my personal feelings toward Mr. Simpson nor do I condone any of his past behavior. Also note that my heart goes out to the Brown and Goldman family for the terrible loss of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman. On July 20, 2017, OJ Simpson will have a Parole Hearing. What does Spirit, Tarot and his Astrology Birth Chart say about his chances of being released from Prison?

The Tarot tells me that any negotiation this week will go in OJ’s favor. He will be facing schedule changes, which indicates to me that he's leaving Prison. He does sign a contract and he will have a financial settlement coming up. The Tarot says he will be released from constraints and bonds soon. His reading indicates he will receive good news soon and reward after hard work and effort being a model prisoner. Spirit tells me that a difficult situation will soon be resolved for him and a valuable ally will give him support.

When he is released from Prison, he will be offered a few new business opportunities. He will also have to choose between 2 paths, 2 places/states to live in. He will make plans and move forward, he will be traveling soon. A new love is coming for him within 12 months. Spirit says he will return to a place that holds happy memories.

OJ was born with Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Leo. This is a difficult aspect since Pluto rules death/transformation & obsession and Saturn is about authority and restrictions. On June 12th 1994 the night Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered, Saturn was square with Mars in OJ’s astrology chart. Then 14 years later, when he was arrested for kidnapping and robbery, Saturn was square with Mars again BUT on the other side of his chart. Saturn is the planet of Karma. OJ was found not guilty for the 1994 murders, but ended up going to jail 14 years later for a different situation!

The last card drawn was Judgement. OJ has spiritual lessons to learn in the life. Karma will constantly be beckoning him so he must ensure that he minds his Ps & Qs for the rest of his life. Certain past issues need to be addressed. At the present time July 2017, Jupiter entered OJ’s 4th House of Home. This indicates that he will be freed from Prison.

Jaime Fitzpatrick