New Moon in Leo


The Sun entered Leo yesterday on July 22, 2017. The New Moon today is also in Leo. So what does that mean? New Moons are the start of a new wave of energy which influences the upcoming month. Every New Moon gives us the opportunity to re-create ourselves and it brings growth, endings & new beginnings. The July New Moon is gearing us up for the upcoming Eclipse season that will occur throughout the month of August. Change comes with the New Moon and the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in August will bring even more change!

The start of the New Moon provides a great Sunday July 23, 20917 and a super beginning of the week mostly for Men, because all of the masculine fire energy gets multiplied on Sunday July 23rd. This is the day that Mars and the Sun have a triple meetup with the Moon at the Leo New Moon. The Leo New Moon is a time to light the fires of your personal desires, the presence of Mars does tend to make us more egotistical, selfish, and vain. If you are planning to start something new in the new 2 weeks make sure you check your ego at the door! The New Moon allows us to change bad habits, reexamine love connections and take a creative approach to life. If you are trying to start something new, this is the best time to do it.

Right now the planet Mercury is slowing down before going retrograde on August 12th. Two weeks before the Retrograde, there is a ‘pre-shadow’ period. During this time you may start to notice some of the common retrograde difficulties as it gets closer. During this period, please be aware that anything new such as decisions, ideas & the start of new things will go through a ‘sorting out’ process during the retrograde until Mercury goes out of Retrograde on September 5th.

The Leo New Moon encourages us to be creative and more expressive with our feelings. It encourages us to seek change but will also force us to take responsibility for our actions. Catch up on you rest before August. You will need it with all of the planetary shirting going on that month!

This is a powerful New Moon and during this time don’t be surprised if a wish you hold dear comes true! Hopes and Dreams flourish under the new moon and the Sun is shining on you to make your dreams a reality. This new moon is very powerful as it conjuncts Mars at 0 degrees. It is considered as the magician degree and is great for intention setting. Anything is possible now, so be very careful what you wish for!

Jaime Fitzpatrick