Total Eclipse of the Sun


Lunar eclipse today maybe felt 90 days before the eclipse starts. The lunar eclipse is the opening start of a Big Show in August that leads up to the total eclipse of the sun on August 21st. The Aquarius full moon is a good time to tie up loose ends and complete things with friends and wind down projects. Energies maybe a little more chaotic and unstable at the time of an eclipse. However, this is a more peaceful Eclipse because the Sun and Moon are making friendly alignments with Saturn and Jupiter. The intense alignment that is present during the eclipse doesn't make it a great day to have elective surgery or sign a contract. We may feel a little ‘off’ during the eclipse and eclipses may affect us a few weeks after the eclipse happens. This is not the best time for making long-term decisions. Lunar eclipses do give us the opportunity to heal areas of our lives. Abrupt changes may happen 4 days before the eclipse and 4 days after. Often eclipses put us on the right path in life to put you where you are supposed to be.

Each sign is affected by the lunar eclipse. Aries: is affected by the lunar eclipse because it affects Mars the ruler of your horoscope. You should take it easy during this period and avoid stressful situations. This Eclipse does occur in your 11th house a family and friends and there are life-changing kinds of dramas happening with family or friends. Also, home repairs could be needed at this time. Mars shows you a need to redefine yourself and your image so think about that during the lunar eclipse.

Taurus: the lunar eclipse occurs in your 10th House of career so there may be shake-ups at your work place. There could be drama in the lives of bosses, parents are parent figures. Cars and communication equipment could get tested and it's a good idea to drive more carefully during this time.

Gemini: the lunar eclipse occurs on your ninth House of foreign travel. This is another signal to avoid long trips over this period. Also, Gemini, you may have an unexpected expense during this time.

Cancer:  the lunar eclipse occurs in your Eighth House of regeneration and affects the finances of your spouse or partner current love interest. He or she may be forced to make important financial changes during this time.  The eclipse has an important impact on your image and personality so redefine yourself or change something about your appearance during this time.

Leo: the lunar eclipse occurs in your 7th house of love and tests your current relationship. Old baggage and long-held issues come to the surface and need to be dealt with. Also, legal issues can take a dramatic turn one way or another.

Virgo: the  lunar eclipse affects you strongly it impacts Mars, your planet of death and transformation. This generally doesn't mean literal physical death but you might have like death issues, a death of something; such as a relationship or a job.  Death is more of a figurative thing than a death of a person. The lunar eclipse occurs in your 6th house and there can be turmoil at your job or in the workplace so job changes are likely. There could be a health scare to which indicates that you just need to change your health regimen so try to rest more during this period.

Libra: the lunar eclipse on the 7th impacts your career and brings dramatic changes but they are good ones. The lunar eclipse also impacts your Love planet Mars, so current relationships could get tested  and they could also bring a change of marital status. 

Scorpio: the lunar eclipse on the 7th affects you strongly. Reduce your schedule during this time and rest more. This Eclipse does occur in your 4th house and affects your home and family. Family members could be a little bit more temperamental during this time so tread lightly. Also job changes may occur for you.

Sagittarius: the lunar eclipse on the 7th occurs in your third house of communication. This will test cars and communication equipment and some may need to be repaired or replaced.

Capricorn: the lunar eclipse on the 7th occurs in your money house so you're forced to make important Financial changes and your finances are good. This lunar eclipse may test your love life in your current relationship. Be more patient with your significant other and try not to make things worse than they need to be. Business Partnerships may also get tested. Relationships with family members may be tense during this time. You may need to repair something in the home or your car.

Aquarius: the lunar eclipse on the 7th occurs in your own sign this impacts your body image. You are forced to re-evaluate yourself re-define yourself and change the way you think about yourself. Also, a detox would be good during this time. Job changes can happen too.

Pisces: the lunar eclipse on the 7th occurs in your 12th house is spirituality so you'll have some spiritual awakenings during this time. Your financial planet Mars is affected by this lunar eclipse. You may be forced to make some important financial changes and decisions during this time.

 Shortly after the Lunar Eclipse, Mercury goes retrograde for the third time this year from Saturday August 12th to September 5th. All the usual Mercury retrograde cautions apply see my previous blog:

Avoid new anything during this time, such as a new job, a new relationship or a move to a new place. Try to avoid elective surgery this time, however if you need emergency surgery you have no choice but to do it. Communication and Technology may be tested during this time so back up your files! The positive aspects of Mercury retrograde include: redoing things, reviewing things, rethinking things and recycling things. 

This is a month of changes and be prepared too for the total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.

Jaime Fitzpatrick