Harvest Full Moon In Pisces

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This summer we have been through a lot of things astrologically; from Mercury retrograde August 12 to September 5, 2017, Saturn turning direct and the lunar and solar eclipses in August. On September 6, 2017, we will have a romantic, whimsical Full Moon in Pisces. The full moon occurs just one day after the Mercury Retrograde. The main themes of the Pisces Harvest Full Moon are spirituality, idealism and illusion and dreams. Like every full moon, it signals a time for putting the finishing touches on projects and activities. This Full Moon is tightly tied to Neptune the ruler of Pisces which indicates that this can be a dreamy and inspirational time. You may experience synchronicities or déjà vu at this time. The Harvest moon reminds to take a look back on the Spring and Summer and look at what we have sown. If you are creative, this is a good time to work on music, writing poetry & painting/art. A Pisces Full Moon helps us to understand our true intentions and illuminates what we value in our lives. This is a good time to do an energy cleanse and to clear away any unstuck energy that we may have. You may have heightened intuition and prophetic dreams this week. This is a good time to pay attention to any messages that you receive from spirit.

The Moon represents our ‘inner world’.  It represents our uncovered emotions, dreams/desires and our fears/desires.  It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs and our past.  During the full moon, it is a great time to reflect, mediate and to release any fears or worries. Since the Sun is in Virgo, and the Moon is in Pisces we may experience and dichotomy of thoughts and feelings. This is because Virgo is Pisces opposite sign. Virgos are organized, practical, diligent, cautious, sensible and analytical, while Pisces are sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable & imaginative. During the Pisces Full Moon, you may try search for logical answers through the Virgo Sun but the Pisces Moon wants you to let go of things and let them unfold in time. One of the most profound aspects of this Full Moon is that is enables us to look at our old hurts from the past and to see them as life lessons.  It is an emotional time a time of romance, and enhancement of relationships.

As the zodiac’s last sign, Pisces is about endings and transitions, which means that situations in our life that are unresolved will probably get resolved. Full moons are a powerful time to let go and the Pisces moon will enhance this. Enjoy this magical moon that Pisces brings after a hectic planetary placement this past summer.

Scroll down to read your horoscope for the week of the Full Moon.

The Pisces Full Moon will impact each zodiac sign in the following ways:

Aries: The Pisces Full Moon will stir up emotions. Be careful and mindful of your beloved. Pay attention to your communication and avoid putting your foot in your mouth.

Taurus: The Pisces Full Moon may reunite you with someone from your past or encourage you to heal past issues. This is a perfect week to make important decisions in your life.

Gemini: The Pisces Full Moon allows you to tackle long standing issues. Also, it enhances your social graces so you attract influential people. The full moon also increases your earning power.

Cancer: You will look and feel energized during the Pisces Full Moon. It also makes you more emotional since your ruling planet is the moon. But because the moon is in a fellow water sign, you are more sensitive during this time. Open up and let people in. You don’t have to suffer alone.

Leo: During the Pisces Full Moon, the Sun (your ruling planet), opposes Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions. Don’t make important decisions during this time and watch your spending. You are lucky financially in September except for around the Full Moon. Try not to worry, all of this is short term and things turn around after the 9th of September.

Virgo: Both professional and personal relationships are illuminated by the Pisces Full Moon. This is a time to listen to your intuition. Any plans or ideas that you have can become a reality this week. The universe has granted you a favorable week, so enjoy!

Libra: The Full Moon in Pisces bring messages from the spirit world. Pay attention and allow yourself to be guided by fate. Also pay attention to relationships of all kinds. This is a perfect time to resolve any issues. It also brings work and life balance. If you need to sign a contract or make an agreement, this is a good time for that.  

Scorpio: The Pisces Full Moon brings money luck and windfalls. It also brings great job opportunities for you! This is a good week to network and meet new people. It is also a great time for romance. If you are single, it’s a great week to meet a new love!

Sagittarius:  The Pisces Full Moon brings career luck for you. If you are looking for a job, this is the perfect week to send out your resume. If you are in a relationship, the full moon will bring you closer to your beloved. This is also a great week to make a lasting impression on others.

Capricorn: The Pisces Full Moon rustles up past emotions that need to be healed. Deal with them so you can move on swiftly the rest of September. The full moon also brings the ‘recognition’ of any ideas that you may have such as starting a new business, teaching and sharing ideas with others.

Aquarius: The Pisces Full Moon helps to clarify what you want in life. Your earning potential is at full speed this month so take advantage of it. Romantic opportunities will likely present themselves this week.

Pisces: The Pisces Full Moon brings romance and a new love relationship is very likely to occur within two weeks of the full moon. This is a very dreamy and creative time for you Pisces. It is also a great time to pursue creative endeavors or hobbies.  This is a good week for you to pursue a long-held dream.

Jaime Fitzpatrick