The Healing Benefits of Palo Santo

The Healing Benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo which means “Holy Wood” in Spanish, is a tree that grows in South America. Palo Santo was used hundreds of years ago by Native American Medicine Men and the Incas as well as other tribal people. It is related to the Frankincense and Myrrh family. Much like White Sage, Palo Santo is used for protection and space clearing. The benefits of the Palo Santo stick are: it protects you from negative energy, it raises your vibration and pulls you closer to spirit. It is said to enhance creativity and bring good luck and fortune.


You can use both White Sage and Palo Santo to cleanse your space. You can use Palo Santo in a few different ways. It is generally sold as a small, thin stick that you burn. It also comes as a spray that you can spray around your environment if you are sensitive to smoke. It is recommended that you use a match or lighter to ignite your Palo Santo stick. Allow the stick to burn for 30 seconds to a minute and then blow out the flame. Using the stick like a wand, move it around your environment, cleansing and clearing the desired space. The smell of the stick is very peaceful and it exhibits a piney citrus aroma. When you are done with the clearing, place the stick in a fire proof bowl preferably made from ceramic or glass. Always make certain that the flame is extinguished when done using to avoid a fire.

Using the Palo Santo stick is much like using Sage. Please keep in mind that the Palo Santo stick does not light as well as Sage. You want to make certain that you let the flam burn for about 30 to 45 seconds before blowing out the flame, to ensure a good burn. Slowly, move the stick around so the smoke filters the areas that you would like to cleanse. Focus on your intentions as you walk around the room. Ask the Palo Santo to cleanse your space. Ask it to help raise the vibration of the room/house and to draw in positive energy.

Palo Santo also comes in the form of an essential oil. If you use this as an essential oil, it is recommended to blend with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. Palo Santo has a nice strong fragrance. It is known to relieve stress and anxiety. It helps with the common cold and does alleviate headaches too. It assists with allergies, asthma and helps to reduce inflammation. Palo Sato is great to use in association with Reiki Healing, Meditation and Chakra Balancing. It helps to deepen your connection with spirit too! It’s helps to raise your energetic vibration and it enhances your creativity. It assists with emotional trauma and helps to alleviate depression. It can be used during massage therapy to alleviate muscle aches and pains. It also assists with the immune system and it’s said to be a natural cancer fighter.

Below is a recipe for Homemade Frankincense and Myrrh Body Lotion with Palo Santo

This recipe was found on Draxe. It’s a hydrating and protective body lotion that gives off the most calming scent when applied. It is very healing and ingivorating.

Total Time: 90 minutes

Serves: 30


·        1/4 Cup Olive Oil

·        1/4 Cup Coconut Oil

·        1/4 Cup Beeswax

·        1/4 Cup Shea Butter

·        2 Tablespoons Vitamin E

·        10 Drops Palo Santo Essential Oil

·        20 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil

·        10 Drops Myrrh Essential Oil

·        Glass Dispenser Bottles


1.     Place the Shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and olive oil in a glass bowl. Then, fill up a saucepan with water, and place the glass bowl in the saucepan.

2.     Heat the stove to medium and mix the ingredients together.

3.     Once the ingredients have been properly mixed, put the bowl in the refrigerator for an hour until the mixture is solid.

4.     With a mixer, beat the blend together until it’s whipped and fluffy.

5.     Add the essential oils, vitamin E. Stir until well combined.

6.     Fill a container, store in a cool, dark place.




Jaime Fitzpatrick