Connecting with Spirit

As a Psychic/Medium, I have been connecting with spirit since I was 5 years old. I can see spirits in physical form, through my third eye, I can hear them (clairaudient), I can smell scents (Clairalience) and they have come in dreams. I can also feel the spirits’ emotions (Clairsentience).  Often spirits can communicate rather well and I can hear them clearly. Being a head psychic for a Professional Paranormal Group, we were able to catch voices from ‘the other side’ using various recorders. Some were very clear and others were a little more difficult to comprehend and understand.  If I hear a “M” name in a reading, I am in no way trying to be vague, but this is the way they are communicating to me. In my experience as a Medium and a Paranormal Investigator, spirit must use a lot of energy to connect with us in this dimension.

Be patient if you are trying to connect and be open. To make connection with spirit: the first thing that you need to do is to protect yourself and the space that you are in. Create your space too. Burning a white candle while you are trying to connect and having healing crystals will help too! For protection; imagine a healing white light around you. Spend some time in silence meditating and this will help to raise your energy and vibration for clear connection. I recommend that you have faith and just remember that this may take practice. Not everyone gets strong messages upon their first try. You may receive a small message from you loved one that have crossed. The massages could come several different days after you try to connect with them. That is good! That means that the “veil” is opening and you are ready to receive. As time goes on, the messages should only get stronger. I recommend saying the following before trying to make a connection:

“Archangel Michael, I ask that you come in to protect me from any harm while I try to connect with spirit. I ask that (name of person that has passed) come in and give me a positive sign and or a positive message.  I ask that the arch angels and my spirit guides help me through this process and enable me to connect with spirit on a safe and positive level.”

The following methods are great ways to help you connect with spirit:

1.     Hold an object of theirs or look at their picture while visualizing and asking for communication.

Personal items and pictures objects can absorb and retain the energy that your loved ones left behind.  Holding an object of your loved and or gazing at their picture, helps to enhance the connection with them. Try holding their object and praying to them and ask for communication. The spirit will then have a more direct line of contact with you.

2.     Ask them to show you a sign.

Ask them with intention to give you a sign that they are near. A sign from them can be something significant to you or to them. I had a client who had a nephew that passed away unexpectedly. She told me that she kept finding pennies all over the place that displayed the year that he was born. I told her that this is a sign from him & that this was his way of telling her that he is OK. A sign can be anything from a feather, a butterfly, a smell that reminds you of them or even a bird. During one reading, I connected a client with her husband in spirit. I asked her why he keeps talking about “the doorbell?” She stated that since he has crossed over, he constantly rings the doorbell and nobody is there! So pay attention to signs. Especially on important days such as an important birthday, a wedding anniversary or even the anniversary of their passing.

3.     Ask them to contact you in dreams.

Spirits can contact you and give you messages in dreams. I have had a relative contact me in a dream that I never met. He gave me an important prediction about something that came true. It was so specific! I had never met him but when I described his physical appearance and his characteristics to my relatives (that knew him before I was born) they could not believe it. Also, he was accurate in the timing and the precise message/future prediction that he gave me. I have had other people from the other side come to me in dreams as well. This is very possible and an amazing experience. Be open to it!!

4.     Meditate.

It is very possible to get messages from spirit through meditation. Sit in a quiet space free of distraction. I recommend clearing the space beforehand with sage or Palo Santo Spray. You can either burn the sage or use “sage spray.” Release your mind of all worry and anxiety. Sitting quietly and focus to increase your awareness.

Essential Oils that help with spirit communication. My recommendation is to either wear the oils (mix first with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil), You can anoint your candles with the oils or you can get diffuser.

The following oils are recommended to enhance spirit meditation.

Frankincense: Is used for driving away evil spirits and attracting angels.

Rosemary: Is used purification rites, it can also attract positive spiritual beings such as angels.

Vervain: This oil to open the third eye. Vervain can be used call on higher powers. It can also be used for protection and to attract love and money.

Mugwort and Sandalwood: Mugwort coupled with sandalwood strengthens psychic abilities and keeps away keeps away negative influences.

As you cleanse your space you may even want to recite a mantra or affirmation such as- “I cleanse and protect this space with light and love, only light and love may dwell here”. 

Even if you didn’t make a connection, it is important that you still do this process and close the session properly.

Have faith and just know that your loved ones are around you.

Blessings and Light,



Jaime Fitzpatrick