The Power of Positive Thinking and The Law of Attraction


The power of positive thinking and the law of attraction

I believe in life that we attract what we put out into the universe. Positive thinking raises your ability to attract what you want and to manifest what you desire. Not only does positive thinking raise your vibration, but it helps to change the entire direction of your life. It all starts by changing your thought patterns from negative to positive and this allows you to create the life that you want. This may be a new job, and expanding business that you own, a new love, better health, or even better personal relationships. 

We can’t just “believe and conceive” all of this. We also need to take action as well. We need to go down that positive path, and go after what we are seeking. If we are good to ourselves and others the universe will be good to you. Positive thinking is healthy thinking. We also need to be healthy The aspects of our life, this includes healthy eating, a healthy self worth, Creating healthy relationships, a healthy work ethic and healthy attitudes. 

If you are upset about something in your life, it will not help if you think negative. There is always a rainbow that will appear after a storm! Believe it!

Below is an affirmation that you could see every day. It does help bringing positivity and it will help change your thought patterns.


“I embrace my life and pull in all positive vibrations, love and peace. I ask Archangel Michael to guide me and help me to dispel and negativity in my life. Each day is a new start and things can only get better. Things will work out for me. I have faith in a brighter future and know that the universe only wants good things for me.”





Jaime Fitzpatrick