I had a great first time reading with Jaime! Her readings are very detailed and accurate. She was accurate on when my home would sell and even described the people that bought the home. I just returned from a trip and met someone. She described the details of the meeting and the man that I met. I was blown away! I had just returned from my trip and I did not tell anyone about it. She told me a lot of things that only I would know. She did predict a minor health issue with my pet and I am glad that I took my dog in and that the issue could be corrected right away. There have been at least 5 or 6 validations that already came true and our reading was only a week ago! I highly recommend Jaime. She also brought people in from spirit, in particular an ex-boyfriend that passed away a few years back. We were still friends when he passed away. She described him and the way he died. She knew the first letter of his name. His name was very unusual and hard to pronounce. She also described a lot of detail about his life. She also told me about specific instances where he has come to visit me in spirit. None of this is written anywhere expect in my thoughts and memories. This woman is incredible, and I highly recommend a reading with her. I give her a million stars!

Jaime Fitzpatrick