I had a reading with Jaime about 6 months ago. She was very detailed with her predictions. I am happy to say that about 5 months later 3/4 of the predictions came true! The other predictions are things that she said would come true in 2019. I am hopeful that they will come true given my experience with Jaime. She was very spot on with details and how things would progress in my new job position. She even told me I would get a company car and I did! I never expected that at all! Jaime tells it like it is and does not sugar coat things. I did have my heart set on a high school sweetheart and was initially disappointed when Jaime told me that a reconciliation would not work. It ended up not working for various reasons and I met another lady just as Jaime predicted. She gave me a first initial of D and her name is Debbie. She was also very accurate describing this woman and was correct in predicting the exact month and day that we would meet. She was also spot on regarding other specific details. I highly recommend Jaime. She is the real deal and she truly cares about her clients. A+++

Jaime Fitzpatrick